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Hyugakaya Go Board with Legs

Highest Quality Hyuga Kaya Board Processed by Traditional Craftsmanship

Clear grain patterns can be produced only when trees are grown in extreme temperature differences with a lot of rainfall and under strong direct sunlight. Especially it is planted at infertile land and the tree grows very slow, tree rings are very close each other.
As Hyuga Kaya wood is planted at rocky mountains and grown under such severe climate, it can produce close tree rings and very fine grain patterns.
(Note: 'SUN' is an old Japanese scale unit. 1sun = approx. 3cm.)

You may find small knots, burrs, rolled-in bark as all these products are made of natural trees.

About Tachi-mori Board

In rare cases, lines are not perfectly aligned and may have slightly different width as they are drawn by Tachi-mori method, using the blade of Japanese sword.

In order to use our products for a long period of time

Maintenance of Go & Shogi Boards
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HyugaKaya Go Board with Legs No.71084

HyugaKaya Go Board with Legs No.71084

Sold Out
Masame 5.7sun Off-spec

Hyugakaya Go Board with Legs No.5200

Hyugakaya Go Board with Legs No.5200

Kiura 4.7sun Off-spec
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