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Igo Day Event Items 1

Igo Day Event Items 1

Igo Day! A month-long event starting from the day 15th through the day 14th of the next month.

『 2020 Go & Shogi Summer fair!!!』

Monthly GO event starting from August 15th is ' 2020 Go & Shogi Summer fair!!!'
During the summer 2020, we have to spend more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Why not take this opportunity to play Go and Shogi to make your time more fun?
We offer a wide variety of Go and Shogi sets not only for beginners, but also for intermediate- and advanced-level players.
Please do not miss this chance!
Each set has limited availability. First Come, First Served!! Do not miss this chance!!

*For those who order this product, we will give a pair of tea cups as a gift!


Important Announcement

On April 23rd, our logistic company ‘Japan Post’ informed us that they would stop air shipping to the U.S., including EMS (Express Mail Service), AIR, and SAL (Surface Air Lifted).

After April 27th, the only available shipping method to the U.S will be by BOAT, which usually takes very long time to arrive and some delays may occur due to the corona situation. If you already paid the shipping charge on EMS, AIR and SAL, we will reimburse you the balance.
If you would like to cancel the order you’ve already placed, please contact us immediately.
I feel sorry for any inconvenience caused by COVID-19, but I hope your kind understanding on this matter. We hope your further support and look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay safe and healthy.

Please check announcements of Japan Post. 「International Mail News」

Kind regards,

Kuroki Goshiten Co., Ltd.

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