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The 1st Anniversary of GOISHI DAY (5/14) 1805-C1

10,000YenOFF!! Go Stones BLUE LABEL, Nara Bowls, New Kaya Board

The 1st Anniversary of GOISHI DAY (5/14)
We commemorate the First Anniversary of GOISHI DAY, that was established on May 14th, 2017.
We are happy to announce special fair for this anniversary starting from May 15th! We offer the sets of the Hyuga Kaya 9-ro board paired with purple Go stones, amber Go stones.
Limited Availability!! First Come, First Served! Do not miss this chance!!
Size31 stones are easy to use but also have great presence.
This Go bowl is made from Nara (Japanese oak wood), that is often used to make high-end furniture and Sake barrel.
Easy-to-use New Kaya Board with 2.9cm thickness.
Only 5 sets available! ONLY Limited period, commemorating the GOISHI DAY. Recommended for beginners and daily use.
5sets only item, Regular price:48,500Yen⇒38,500Yen (10,000YenOFF)
  • Clamshell Go Stones BLUE LABEL size31
    This is a sample image.
    180 Clamshell white stones 181 Nachiguro black stones, wood box, Nonwoven fabric bag, Spare stones (2 for each), Guidance(Quality certificate)
    It is a stones made of Mexican of clamshell stones.
    Our "BLUE LABEL Clamshell Go Stones" stones are offered at an affordable price to give more players the opportunity to access and use Go stones made of real clamshells. Their specification is nearly equal to our two highest grades stones “Carefully-selected Snow/Flower Grade”. We hope that you will able to touch and experience the excellency of real clamshell stones thanks to our BLUE LABEL line.
    【Raw Material and Quality of BLUE LABEL Clamshell Go Stones】
    thick : size31(8.4mm)
    White Stones : Mexican Clamshell
    Black Stones : Nachiguro Slate from Kumano City, Mie Pref., Japan
    Quality: Quasi-Snow/Flower Grade (Shape, color and scratch etc.)
    BLUE LABEL stones are the perfect selection for a gift to beginners. They are also good to use at Go tournaments and Go parlors. We hope that more entry-level and recreational players will have a chance to play with this real clamshell stones. Their quality is nearly equal to that of our two highest grades.
  • Nara [Oak] Go Bowls L For -32 stones
    This Go bowl is made from Nara (Japanese oak wood), that is often used to make high-end furniture and Sake barrel. The wood itself is very hard. Pale ash gray-colored surface produces elegant premium feel.
    The special feature of Narra (Oak) is the unique design of grain patterns, that looks like tiger body.
    *This is a sample image. Please kindly understand that each color, texture and grain patterns vary as all our products are made from natural materials. I wish your kind understanding before placing an order.
  • New Kaya Table Go Board size10
    This is a sample image. All these lines are printed on the board.
    Newkaya, 3~4-piece composition board, thick:About 2.9cm, Weight : About 2.9kg
  • Actual shipping cost shall be coved by the customer.
Product NamePriceQuantityStock
The 1st Anniversary of GOISHI DAY (5/14) 1805-C1The 1st Anniversary of GOISHI DAY (5/14) 1805-C1
[Bundled service goods] Clamshell Go Stones, BLUE LABEL, Size31 Nara [Oak] Go Bowls For -32 stones, L New Kaya Table Go Board Size 10



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